3 Day Military Diet – Full, Detailed Menu

3 Day Military Diet – Full, Detailed Menu

If you are struggling to lose weight, maybe you need an easier dieting plan to help you. The 3 day military diet can get you the results you need, in a very short period of time. Most 3 day diet fads will not work unless you buy their expensive products. However, this amazing military diet will have you eating everyday healthy food. No other diet plan can beat this one.

So you are probably asking yourself, what does the 3 day military diet plan consist of? This plan consists of combining low-calorie foods that will help with your weight loss. You follow the plan for 3 days, but take 4 days off. If you do this for a month, you might lose about 30 pounds or more. During the 4 days off the plan, make sure that your calorie intake is no more than 1500, otherwise, it will not work. This means you can only have one breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a couple of snacks as indicated from the military diet menu. Here are some of the breakfast items:

  • Egg on Toast- 1 egg on toasted bread with tomato and avocado slices
  • Yogurt Parfait- 1 cup of plain yogurt, with 1 cup of mixed berries
  • Cinnamon Oatmeal- 1/3 cup of oats cooked in a 2/3 cup of milk, with 2 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • Bagel and Lox- 1/2 bagel with 1 tablespoon of cream cheeses and 1oz smoked salmon
  • Cheesy Omelet- 2 eggs with some cheddar cheese

This is what the lunch menu includes:

  • Veggie Lunch- 1 cup of lentil soup and 1 slice of whole wheat bread (toasted)
  • Black Bean Wrap- 3/4 cup of black beans, 1/4 cup of avocado, 1 cup of lettuce, wrapped in 2 whole wheat tortillas
  • Tuna Walnut Greens- 2 cups of spring greens, 3 ounces of tuna, and 3 tablespoons of walnut

3 day military diet
The Dinner menu is mouthwatering, it includes:

  • Sushi- a small seaweed salad, a tuna roll and 1 cup of miso soup
  • Stuffed Chili and Cheese Potato- 1/2 cup of turkey or vegan chili, 1 cup of cooked broccoli, and 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar
  • Shrimp Fried Brown Rice- 1 cup of sautéed brown rice with 3 ounces of precooked shrimp

As you can see, the food is nutritious just for the 4 days off. You will want to stick to this especially if you need to lose weight for that wedding dress. Some of this food can be eaten with other low-calorie substitutes. There are other options available that will meet the calorie requirements. Snacking is part of that, and there are healthy choices available such as:

  • 1 bar that consists of fruits and nuts
  • 22 pistachios with fruit
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter with fruit
  • A small bag of popcorn of 100 calories
  • 4 Whole grain crackers, with an ounce of string cheese

With the 3 day military diet plan being the fastest and healthiest weight loss option around, it is no wonder some people cling to it. Being healthy is important. When we take care of ourselves, it means fewer doctor visits. With the military diet plan being another alternative, consumers can go about their dieting the smart way. You no longer need to exercise hard, to accomplish the results you are looking for. Buying expensive diet foods is out the window. I think I will try the 3 day military diet plan for myself. If losing 30 pounds in a month is that easy, then it will work for me. Now is the time to get your body in shape.